J Stixx Baby is a percussion-based musical program for stimulating minds of young children from baby to early school age.

This class is an interactive high-energy music class with a focus on different percussion instruments. Backed by child development research and training the movements and rhythms are geared towards each child’s developmental age. The class is fun for kids of all ages!

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"stixx is incredible! By far the BEST in-house music class I've done in 4 years! I hosted two sessions, just finished today and we are all very sad. Jeff is incredible with kids and treats them as he would, his own two girls. I highly recommend his program. I have done many other in home classes and this one was most enjoyable for the caregiver and tot. The music is from the radio and not all songs are the typical "twinkle twinkle" as that gets a bit tiring for everyone after a while."

− Mom of 2 year old girl

The J Stixx musical program is geared towards the child’s developmental age with modifications for each age. Each child gets to explore sounds and music in their own way along their own developmental trajectory.Our focus on the percussion family  (bongos, tarbukas, tambourines, shakers, timbales, bells) provides a rhythmic way for children to explore sounds and rhythms.The music selection and the specific movements encourage both gross and fine motor skills as well as muscle memory! Along with a fun class, research has shown that music and drums is associated with increased self esteem, attention, and with J Stixx’s movement integration, is a great way for kids to stay active.Kids get to move, play instruments, and dance while having fun with J Stixx!

We offer different programs for different ages:

J Stixx Baby : Children 3 months to 3 years
J Stixx Preschool: Children 3 years to 5 years
J Stixx Kids: Kids 6 years +


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